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And Finally

Spike Milligan risen from the dead, hailed as new Messiah

Written by Robert Carey


onthbarbyville Australia
May 1st 2004

Pilgrims from all over the world are assembling in huge numbers in the sleepy Australian outback town of Chukanutherprawnonthbarbyville, to witness what the Pope has intimated, could be the second coming of the Messiah.

Spike Milligan, that icon of late 20th century, zany British humour was buried in the town after his demise a few years ago, but recently, strange goings on in the local cemetery have been reported.

At first, they were put down to the ravings of a few of the town's drunks but when people who'd never touched a drop in their lives started reporting a strange blue glow and weird mumblings from the area of Spike's burial plot, the whole town, sensing the possibility of making a few quid, stood up and started to take notice.

The local vicar and some of the town's more religiously oriented citizens, decided to hang out in the cemetery one night in the hope of witnessing the rumoured second coming of our saviour.

They weren't disappointed, at around midnight, Spike's tomb opened up and a band of angels started singing "Amazing grace" which was the precursor for Spike to show himself wearing a full length white gown, a crown of thorns and a luminous blue halo around his head.

Word quickly spread that Spike Milligan was the new Messiah and that his coming was manifested in the shape of the celebrated zany English comedian.

The report was quickly poo-pooed by the US State Department as George W. Bush is planning to claim the title next week.