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And Finally

The Spike Milligan Recognition Committee

Peninsula Community Access Newspaper Inc


Statue of Spike is suggested

A life-sized statue of Spike Milligan, as well as the naming of public facilities, roads and spaces, are among the latest suggestions being considered by the Spike Milligan Recognition Committee.

Planning has also started on an inaugural comedy festival in October next year.

The committee is hoping to put forward recommendations that will "lead to a permanent recognition for Spike Milligan within the region and in particular on the Woy Woy Peninsula".

Council has already approved naming of the Spike Milligan community room at Woy Woy library.

It was suggested that other recognition could take the shape of a commissioned memorial such as a sculpture, located strategically on the Peninsula.

Cr Malcolm Brooks suggested a life-sized statue of Milligan, similar to one he had seen of comedian Eric Morcombe at the English seaside resort of Morcombe.

Cr Brooks explained how this area had become a tourist attraction simply because of the statue and suggested that the same might happen in Woy Woy with a statue of Spike Milligan.

The committee members reported undertaking research on the life of Spike Milligan, to gain an understanding of the form that appropriate recognition could take.

The Committee decided it should be funny, acknowledge and celebrate Spike Milligan's art and life, and lift community spirit.

It should foster the creative talents of people of all ages in comedy and attract people to the region.

An inaugural annual comedy festival would be held with a duration of between four days and two weeks in October next year.

October was chosen so it would not clash with the Melbourne Comedy Festival or the Rugby World Cup.

Themes would include those associated with Spike Milligan such as comedy, acting, radio, writing, poetry, plays, film, music, illustration, cartoons, art, the environment, mental health, family and cultural diversity.

The festival would be community-based.

Interest had already been shown by the Department of School Education, local schools, community performing arts groups, Central Coast Poets, Central Coast Jazz League and Gosford libraries.

The festival was intended to be the catalyst for the presentation of International, national and local professional comedians through the involvement of local venues such as hotels, licensed clubs, restaurants, theatres and cinemas.

The festival would have a strong visual arts component, with the Australian Cartoonists' Association supporting the concept.

It was suggested that a way of highlighting mental health, environment, multicultural and military issues may be to seek cartoons on these specific themes as part of the overall approach.

The committee had gained permission to use the name "The Spike Milligan Comedy Festival" from Ms Norma Farnes, manager of copyright for the Milligan family.

The committee recommended the establishment of an incorporated non-profit association to manage the event.

The structure would enable leadership by Council through its membership but will assist to raise sponsorship and grants and be flexible enough to operate commercially.

The members and directors of the association would be appointed by Gosford Council and would represent community and commercial interests in Gosford.

A small executive committee would be appointed to administer the Festival, seek commercial sponsorship, seek Government assistance, raise funds and manage the finances and program.

Council will consider the allocation of $10,000 in the 2003-2004 budget for the festival.

Jonathan Reichard, Council Agenda CS.049, September 24

If you are interested in reading the minutes from the meetings of the Council Meetings of the Spike Milligan Recognition Committee ...

Eric Morecambe Statue - as mentioned above

Click on this link and download the files. They are in pdf format and you will need adobe reader (which you can download for free at the bottom of this page.

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